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How to Download Free Android Apps to Your Phone or Tablet

The free download of Android apps is simple to execute and does not require a PC at all. To download an Android app all you have to do is visit the Google Play store on your mobile phone, smartwatch or tablet.

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Find My iPhone App

The Find my iPhone app is probably one of the most useful functions for the busy 21st century mobile, tablet or Mac user who has a chaotic day and is subject to the increased likelihood of mobile theft. It allows you to locate your iPhone or any iOS device including iPod Touch, Macbook, iPhone or iPad, if it is lost, as well as lock it so no one can access your data.

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How to do an Internet Speed Test – ADSL, Mobile or Wireless

Want to know how fast your internet connection really is? Perform an ADSL speed test on your broadband or mobile data connection right now.

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