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TECH BOSS: Robbie Abed

Robbie Abed is a name that should not sound familiar to you at all. He doesn’t have a massive Wikipedia page; neither does he have a multi-million dollar website, but he does have something that’s quite scarce. Bravery.

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Post Gobii Smartphone

A Very Smartphone, At a Very Smart Price, With a Very Smart Plan

I remember the old cliché, “as long as I can make and receive a call, that’s all I need”. At face value this is what mobiles are for, to keep in touch. Keeping in touch has taken on a whole new definition in the 21st Century, with social media and instant messaging at the forefront of digital communication. As competition heats up, consumers have been afforded a wide variety of communication options. Using these mediums does come at a price and the price is data.

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Alexander Ljung, sound familiar? Chances are, the answer is no. He is the co-founder (with his friend Eric Wahlforss) of a company called SoundCloud. You might have heard of them. 

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Post Credit Cards

One of those things: Michael’s POS system compromises 2.6 million customer’s credit card details

Michael’s arts and crafts retail chain was infiltrated by hackers who got access to the credit card information of 2.6 million customers, an unnatural disaster of epic proportions for the chain. How did this happen and how do we reach 100% prevention?

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