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Sony Sells 30.2 Million PlayStation 4s

Sony Entertainment Inc. has announced today that they have officially sold over 30.2 million Sony PlayStation 4 units since its launch two years ago.

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Sony Lawyer: “WikiLeaks’ conduct rewards a totalitarian regime…”

Sony Lawyer, David Boies, cautioned against media outlets using hacked Sony Pictures Entertainment letters and documents on Wikileaks. This warning comes after the controversial Wikileaks website posted confidential Sony documents that were hacked by cyber terrorists.

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Nintendo Games Will Be Available on Smartphones

Nintendo has decided to enter the mobile phone market, to offer games to smartphone users, with restrictions.

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NY Post : What the Hack is Going On?

That is the very question I asked myself when I read that the New York Post’s Twitter account had been hacked circa 16 January 2015. With the shenanigans currently underway at Sony Pictures, you’d think that all media types will have resurrected the proverbial fence around their digital entities.

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Play Station 4 Sales Soar to 18.5 Million Worldwide

Sony announced that the company has sold over 18.5 million Playstation 4 units since the console was first released in the United States, Western Europe and Latin America late 2013.


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North Korea Officially Sanctioned by Obama

Barrack Obama confirmed sanctions against North Korean leaders, disallowing them access to US soil due to allegations that a recent Sony cyber-hack attack was indeed orchestrated by North Korea.