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Samsung Pay Introduced to US Consumers

Samsung Pay is the latest technology from the mobile giant allowing you to pay for goods by placing your Samsung pay enabled smartphone next to any point of sale terminal.


Apple HomeKit vs. Samsung

Apple Inc will release its Apple HomeKit functionality next month allowing users to control their home devices with their iPhones and iPads.

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Samsung Galaxy S6 Releases at Vodacom SA with Good Prices

The Samsung Galaxy S6 will be released on Friday, 10 April 2015. Armed with new specs, it is set to break new record sales for the Samsung Electronics Co.

Co-CEO Shin Jong Kyun is confident that the positive feedback from the market for the Samsung Galaxy S6, including good reviews, will result in record sales for Samsung.

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The Samsung Galaxy S6 has Great Specs

The unveiling of the Samsung Galaxy S6 at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona is a clear signal that the Galaxy S5 flagship is over, and it’s time we embrace further advancements in technology.

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The Samsung Galaxy Revolves around the S5

As most of us are aware the Samsung Galaxy S5 smartphone is one of the most sought after tech must-haves since its release on the 11th of April 2014. What begs the question though is how soon will it be dethroned?


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The Flip-Phone: Trend, Friend, or Foe?

Smartphone counterpart, the flip-phone, had increased shipment figures in Japan in 2014. The feature phone is back in the spotlight in the East. A strange trend in an otherwise smartphone orientated world.


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Micromax Becomes the Leading Supplier of Smartphones in India

Micromax, an Indian budget smartphone manufacturer, surpassed Samsung Electronics in becoming the leading supplier of smartphones in India in the fourth quarter of 2014.


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Samsung Galaxy Note 4 vs. Apple iPhone 6 Plus: Specs and Legal Battles

Are you deciding between the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 and Apple iPhone 6 Plus?