Microsoft’s Nokia Shutting Down – 7800 to be Jobless

Microsoft has confirmed they are closing down some of their Finland based Nokia Oyj’s sites putting 2300 jobs on the chopping block.

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Microsoft Plans to Cut another 7,800 Jobs at Nokia

Microsoft is set to cut an additional 7,800 jobs at Nokia in an effort to cut costs and shift their business focus from hardware to software and cloud services.

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Microsoft Office Mobile for Android Fails to Meet Consumer Standards

Microsoft Office Mobile for Android is a limited free app that can’t do much. This has resulted in negative consumer sentiment arising from Android users.

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Microsoft Offers Windows 10 For Free to Pirates

In a radical move from software company Microsoft, they will be offering to upgrade any of their Windows 7 or Windows 8 devices to Windows 10 for free. Even if they are pirated versions.


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Microsoft Presents Windows 10

Microsoft presents an official preview of Windows 10 today for mobiles, tablets and desktops in hopes of winning more users over before the product is launched in Fall 2015.

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International Safer Internet Day – What you can do to be safe online?

In support of international Safer Internet Day (SID) and following the release of the latest results of the third annual Microsoft Computing Safety Index (MCSI), Microsoft Corp. is asking consumers to “Do 1 Thing” to stay safer online and commit to doing so on a new, interactive website.

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Is Microsoft Windows 8 the right operating system for you?

Choosing between a PC or laptop operating system, we’ve come to expect a look and feel that facilitates an easy way to launch applications and multitask between them. It would seem reasonable that any operating system, regardless of the device, may also consider this as useful design consideration. However Microsoft Windows 8 seems to have taken a different approach. Is it the right operating system for you?