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Will Oracle’s JavaScript be Boycotted?

Google’s use of the JavaScript platform to programme their Android operating system was challenged by its creators Oracle, who wants to sue the company for not paying a licensing fee. Surprisingly, the Obama administration sides with Oracle.

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Alibaba Plans to Curb Counterfeiting with Cheaper Originals

Alibaba believes that enabling the manufacture of authentic goods at a lower price will curb knock-off goods of would-be counterfeiters.

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Alibaba Being Sued for Sale of Fake Goods

Kering SA , the owner of high-end brands such as Gucci and Yves St Laurent to name a few, is suing Alibaba, the recently listed Chinese e-commerce behemoth for allowing counterfeiters to trade knocks offs on Alibaba’s selling platforms.

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Shopify valued at $1.27 billion

Shopify, the company that allows budding entrepreneurs to quickly start a business online, is valued at $1.27 billion dollars.


Apple HomeKit vs. Samsung

Apple Inc will release its Apple HomeKit functionality next month allowing users to control their home devices with their iPhones and iPads.

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Hope for Publishers! Adblock Plus Acceptable Ads

There are millions of small and medium-sized websites and blogs out there that rely on advertising revenue to survive. Adblock Plus’s Acceptable Ads feature caters for the display of non-obtrusive ads giving publishers who care about the layout and content of their sites a chance at survival.


A Future Outlook on Software Engineering and Mobility

The Johannesburg Centre for Software Engineering’s (JCSE) director, Professor Barry Dwolatzky, had some positive words regarding the current status and future outlook on software engineering and mobility.

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Fancy a Tag Heuer Smartwatch Anyone?

Luxury watchmakers such as Tag Heuer, Bulgari and Gucci are gearing up to blend their traditional watch-making techniques with high-end electronics.