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How Do Driverless Motor Vehicles Work? – Key Technologies

An autonomous vehicle refers to “driverless” motor vehicles or cars that drive themselves.  This is an idea that is on the cusp of becoming layman reality. The tech is not quite there, but is moving forwarding, fast.

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How to Find True Online Content Value in the Age of Internet Noise

I saw a few interesting videos on YouTube. Devices like Walkmans and Atari consoles were handed to the tweens of today that garnered an interesting set of reactions from them. In general they thought the devices were hard to use and insufferable. But does the opposite not exist for all internet users today?

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Loons, labs and drones: Google vs. Facebook and the future of business

We have become addicted to the availability of the internet and its services at the literal swipe of a finger. As we have advanced, the masses have been seeking cheaper ways to acquire this necessity.  Google and Facebook are primed to compete to take the internet to the ends of the earth and I trust it will all be very exciting.

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One of those things: Michael’s POS system compromises 2.6 million customer’s credit card details

Michael’s arts and crafts retail chain was infiltrated by hackers who got access to the credit card information of 2.6 million customers, an unnatural disaster of epic proportions for the chain. How did this happen and how do we reach 100% prevention?

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Why you shouldn’t give a flying hoot about the brand of tablet you have

Does it really matter what tablet you have? The answer to this question is quickly becoming ‘No’ and here’s why.


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Another Apple Battle: FlashPoint

Many consumers have come to either despise or praise Apple for numerous reasons, such as their business model, prices, the alleged NSA backdoor spying, and most recently, their flurry of lawsuits concerning the use of FlashPoint.

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How to File for an International Patent to Protect your Invention

With patent lawsuits flying all over the globe, especially with Apple, this is a good time as any to show you how to secure your invention before someone puts their grubby, ham-and-cheese-scented fingers on them.


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Passionate Entrepreneurs: What’s your score?

You may have a burning idea that reduces your levels of sleep and pops in during your 5AM shower or while you work the circuit at the gym. That’s exciting and quite peachy, however an idea simply isn’t enough. You probably need a S.C.O.R.E.