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Leaps and Bounds: Internet Marketing has come a Long Way

Before a transaction has even been completed, there is a path that the consumer took to get to your online place of business. The efforts that you have taken to be noticed is what we call marketing.

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Prioritised Traffic: ISP’s will compensate for 96 billion gigabytes of videos we watch

Cisco Systems recently released some information stating that video consumption on the internet is going to account for 84% of internet usage by 2018, rising from the current 78%. You could be thinking that these numbers mean nothing, but actually this translates to 20 billion dvds, or 96 billion gigabytes, and that is a lot of funny cat videos!

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Tech: Godzilla Attacks – Traffic Signals Hacked

Last month San Francisco highway operators were victim to multiple hacker pranks. Temporary traffic control signs were brought onto Van Ness Ave due to the Bay to Breakers event. The annual footrace often causes backups on Van Ness Ave and Lombard St.

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Confirmed Features of the New Apple Smartwatch

After years of rumors, the inevitable is happening: Apple is gearing up to build a smartwatch.

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Vodaphone Publicly Reveals that Various Authorities Spy on their Networks

Multinational telecommunications firm, Vodaphone reveals that authorities spy on their networks asking for immediate access to them.

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A Very Smartphone, At a Very Smart Price, With a Very Smart Plan

I remember the old cliché, “as long as I can make and receive a call, that’s all I need”. At face value this is what mobiles are for, to keep in touch. Keeping in touch has taken on a whole new definition in the 21st Century, with social media and instant messaging at the forefront of digital communication. As competition heats up, consumers have been afforded a wide variety of communication options. Using these mediums does come at a price and the price is data.

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New Study Reveals that Facebook Affects our Self-Esteem

Human interaction has become so virtual that our emotions are based on the interactions we have online. A new study has let the cat out the bag, how our Facebook friends react, or rather the lack thereof, to our public statements that can have an effect on our self esteem. 

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Alexander Ljung, sound familiar? Chances are, the answer is no. He is the co-founder (with his friend Eric Wahlforss) of a company called SoundCloud. You might have heard of them.