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Google Turns New York Payphones into Free Wi-Fi Hotspots

With Google transforming payphones in New York into free WiFi hotspots, fast wireless internet connectivity could soon become a part of every city’s common infrastructure.


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Has Apple Been Watching Your Every Move? China Thinks So

CCTV, China’s main news network, otherwise known as “Propaganda Central”, has reported that Apple has been tracking people’s movements on their sparkly new iOS 7 devices, which came out natively on the iPhone 5s, 5c and iPad air. Surprisingly, I think China might be a bit behind the technology curve here.


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Business Imitating Sport : MVP’s of the Business World Are Getting Younger

Sport teams are always scouting for young talent. European Football franchises, for example, proportion a healthy chunk of their budget for this purpose. It seems that the trend has extended to the digital industry.


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TECH BOSS: Karen Walker

Working for an international multibillion dollar company is at the very least, quite a taxing role. Even more so when you approach the top rungs of business, yet Karen Walker seems to have a grip on just what it takes.


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Data Management: Gone Are the Days of the Thumb Suck

One of the critical goals of any entrepreneur when starting out, is to make his business sustainable. Strategies and performance indicators are put into place to systematically steer the ship to the desired direction.


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Playing Catch Up: Will South Africa Ever be Abreast of the Developed World?

It’s often lauded that South Africa is at the vanguard of e-commerce and technology as compared to other African nations. Complimentary as that is, there is a whole world out there, have we reached the standard?


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The Unofficial Official World Cup Soccer Social Fan Application

So you log on to and you are greeted by about 20 tiles with various topics, loud pictures, expressive faces and lots of colour everywhere. You search frantically and feel irked at the fact that there’s no “About” button. This is where I jump in and tell you to relax, it will all be okay. I’m going to give you the full rundown on Sony’s united fans webpage.


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TECH BOSS: Elon Musk

Elon Musk, the South African born billionaire and CEO of the car manufacturing company Tesla Motors has been recently making international headlines.