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Free Wi-Fi Plans for Italy

Italian lawmakers propose a plan to place Italy in line with European broadband standards and make it simpler and cheaper for citizens to access wireless internet.


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Nokia’s Downfall Results in Economic Losses in Finland

Finnish businessmen and government officials are looking for solutions to reverse losses in revenue resulting from Nokia’s decline over the past six years.


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Tech Boss: Cher Wang

We seldom hear about women in the tech industry, but they are making waves, seemingly behind the scenes. One of them is Cher Wang, a Taiwanese businesswoman and the co-founder of HTC.


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Post apple pay

Apple’s New iPad Fails to Impress but Apple Has Other Developments in Store for Us

Apple’s new iPad was met with mixed responses. The new device failed to excite audiences, but Apple’s Watch is highly anticipated and Apple Pay may change business transactions for the better.


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Post ebola virus


Nigeria used mobile technology to swiftly respond to the recent Ebola outbreak that threatened to ravage the country. The virus was contained through a partnership with eHealth & Information Systems Nigeria who developed an application that helped medical workers in the field track the patients.


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The Birth of the Twitter Star: Twitter and SoundCloud Partner Up!

Twitter has partnered up with SoundCloud to launch the Audio Card on Twitter. The feature allows users to play and share SoundCloud audio clips directly on their Twitter timelines.


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