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Apps : the Electronic World’s Way Forward

The computer has always been a host to an operating system that allows the user to run a variety of programs. With Microsoft’s continued domination of the South African market, we are accustomed to the install wizard that accompanies all MS third party apps.


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Google Settles Another Lawsuit Regarding Illegal Drug Sales

Google has settled a lawsuit initiated by three of its shareholders, with the creation of a $250 million internal program to prevent non-US pharmaceutical companies from advertising the sale of prescription drugs to US citizens.


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Vlad, the (Internet Freedom) Impaler

In a not so surprising move, Vladimir Putin has signed into law an act that mandates that if anybody wants to get online, they have to identify themselves. Vladimir, who is no stranger to foul play, has decreed that this is how it’s being done worldwide, and that the Internet as a whole is a CIA project, also that this measure will help fight the information war that is happening at the moment.


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Blackberry Releases BBM for Windows Phones

Blackberry announced last week that they would be releasing a version of BBM for Windows phone devices, in a move to see the struggling corporation gain some ground in the overpopulated world of applications. It seems that after failing so dismally with their phones that they’re trying make a comeback to the market with BBM.


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Tech Boss: Rupert Bryant

Twenty-eight year old Rupert Bryant is the co-founder of Web Africa, one of South Africa’s leading Internet Service Providers, and just founded his new business Accommodation Direct.


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Electronic Monitoring: The Devil’s Advocate

The debate about online privacy (relative to government monitoring) has been parallel to the progression of the internet. The most famous quote being strewn about by the conspiracy theorists, “Those Who Sacrifice Liberty for Security Deserve Neither”, by Benjamin Franklin. I wonder what the devil’s advocate might say about all this?


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Google “Censorship” in Europe

After a ruling by the EU Court of Justice, search results in Europe and the rest of the world may differ, due to what critics have labelled as end-user “censorship”.


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Amazon Kindle Unlimited

Amazon recently announced “Kindle Unlimited,” which is a subscription based service that grants you access to the majority of eBooks available on the Amazon store. For the incredible price of just $9.99 a month, you can have access to over 600,000 eBooks. You might imagine that this includes only self published books, but actually it also includes big names like The Hunger Games, Life of Pi and the Harry Potter series.