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Blackberry Releases BBM for Windows Phones

Blackberry announced last week that they would be releasing a version of BBM for Windows phone devices, in a move to see the struggling corporation gain some ground in the overpopulated world of applications. It seems that after failing so dismally with their phones that they’re trying make a comeback to the market with BBM.


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Tech Boss: Rupert Bryant

Twenty-eight year old Rupert Bryant is the co-founder of Web Africa, one of South Africa’s leading Internet Service Providers, and just founded his new business Accommodation Direct.


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Electronic Monitoring: The Devil’s Advocate

The debate about online privacy (relative to government monitoring) has been parallel to the progression of the internet. The most famous quote being strewn about by the conspiracy theorists, “Those Who Sacrifice Liberty for Security Deserve Neither”, by Benjamin Franklin. I wonder what the devil’s advocate might say about all this?


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Google “Censorship” in Europe

After a ruling by the EU Court of Justice, search results in Europe and the rest of the world may differ, due to what critics have labelled as end-user “censorship”.


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Amazon Kindle Unlimited

Amazon recently announced “Kindle Unlimited,” which is a subscription based service that grants you access to the majority of eBooks available on the Amazon store. For the incredible price of just $9.99 a month, you can have access to over 600,000 eBooks. You might imagine that this includes only self published books, but actually it also includes big names like The Hunger Games, Life of Pi and the Harry Potter series.


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Google Turns New York Payphones into Free Wi-Fi Hotspots

With Google transforming payphones in New York into free WiFi hotspots, fast wireless internet connectivity could soon become a part of every city’s common infrastructure.


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Has Apple Been Watching Your Every Move? China Thinks So

CCTV, China’s main news network, otherwise known as “Propaganda Central”, has reported that Apple has been tracking people’s movements on their sparkly new iOS 7 devices, which came out natively on the iPhone 5s, 5c and iPad air. Surprisingly, I think China might be a bit behind the technology curve here.


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Business Imitating Sport : MVP’s of the Business World Are Getting Younger

Sport teams are always scouting for young talent. European Football franchises, for example, proportion a healthy chunk of their budget for this purpose. It seems that the trend has extended to the digital industry.