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Nokia’s Downfall Results in Economic Losses in Finland

Finnish businessmen and government officials are looking for solutions to reverse losses in revenue resulting from Nokia’s decline over the past six years.


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Mobile Technology Contains Ebola in Nigeria

Nigeria used mobile technology to swiftly respond to the recent Ebola outbreak that threatened to ravage the country. The virus was contained through a partnership with eHealth & Information Systems Nigeria who developed an application that helped medical workers in the field track the patients.


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Wearable Tech: An Apple, Gear and Motorola Smartwatch Comparison

New technology always fascinates the human race, and if history is anything to go by then crazy ideas always end up being functional ways of life. Think about having an iPad 10 years ago, you would be laughed at and sent to the loony bin. Wearable technology then, is the new social shunning idea.

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Mobile and Tablet Penetration

We live in the digital era, and more and more old fashioned companies are starting to realize this, with more than 80% of companies actually spreading their content over mobile sources, like mobile phones and tablets.


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Apple’s iPhone 6 : The Aftermath

After Apple’s very secretive launch that is arguably the biggest event in the tech calendar every September, there are always a few things that happen in the days that follow. There is the obligatory new software release, the opening of the pre-orders, and the queuing of the fanatics. This year was no different, iOS 8, 4 million pre-orders, and 10 block long queues.


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Blackberry Launches its Passport Smartphone

The launch of Blackberry’s new device, the Passport has been met with some mixed reviews. Blackberry hopes that the development will catapult the company towards profits.


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A New Smartphone App that Reads to the Blind

An iPhone App is giving increased independence to the blind with the power to take photographs of any text they need to identify, and having the app read that text back to them.


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New iPhone Protects Your Data from Authorities

Apple’s iOS 8 allows users to protect their information from the police by preventing the company from being able to access data when a user locks a phone.