Apple’s iOS 8 allows users to protect their information from the police by preventing the company from being able to access data when a user locks a phone.

This decision is a revolutionary one, putting the right to privacy back in the hands of consumers.

Previous versions of iOS allowed Apple to access information on the device by bypassing the password. Now, with the feature disabled, the company literally has no access to the information on a user’s device making it impossible to hand over any intel when compelled to by authorities.

Be warned though that it is all about what Apple can access. If you backup your data or use Apple iCloud storage, your information is put at risk again as it is within reach of the company, and as a result, forceful measures by investigative authorities.

Vodaphone’s recent revelation that it was bullied into handing over consumer data to the FBI on more than one occasion created a ripple in the media causing concern amongst consumers. While Apple’s iOS 8 could cause potential customer support nightmares in terms of recovering data, the move to protect consumers is an admirable approach, which couldn’t come at a better time.

The trend of handing over ways to access consumer data is quickly becoming widespread. Both Google and Yahoo are working on encryption preventing e-mail providers from have access to consumer information.

Given recent iCloud scandals surrounding nude photos of celebrities being hacked from the server, Apple still has to iron all the bumps associated with consumer privacy. For now, we strongly suggest keeping it in your pants when in front of an iPhone camera, and while you’re at it don’t save anything compromising on the iCloud server. Better yet, don’t do crime.

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