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Samsung Pay Introduced to US Consumers

Samsung Pay is the latest technology from the mobile giant allowing you to pay for goods by placing your Samsung pay enabled smartphone next to any point of sale terminal.


Microsoft’s Nokia Shutting Down – 7800 to be Jobless

Microsoft has confirmed they are closing down some of their Finland based Nokia Oyj’s sites putting 2300 jobs on the chopping block.

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Microsoft Plans to Cut another 7,800 Jobs at Nokia

Microsoft is set to cut an additional 7,800 jobs at Nokia in an effort to cut costs and shift their business focus from hardware to software and cloud services.

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First National Bank Launches Its Own Mobile Service

First National Bank will be launching its own mobile service as of the 15 June 2015, as an extension to its FNB Connect offering, a pioneering feat for the South African banking industry. A plan for aggressive rates and exceptional banking services to its clients is high on the list of priorities for this initiative.

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New Apple Bug Could Crash Your Apple Device Via Text

Apple recently found a bug that causes iPhones to crash when receiving a message containing a certain string of text with Arabic characters and symbols. It was first reported by Apple News on May 26th. The malware was originally believed to only affect iPhones, but updated reports show that no Apple product is immune and the bug can crash your iPad, Apple Watch or Mac computer as well.

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Fancy a Tag Heuer Smartwatch Anyone?

Luxury watchmakers such as Tag Heuer, Bulgari and Gucci are gearing up to blend their traditional watch-making techniques with high-end electronics.

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Huawei’s P8, P8max – Good Prices and Specs for Developing Nations

Huawei’s launch of the P8max smartphone in London officially introduced a reasonable mobile phone for the budget conscious user.

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Microsoft Office Mobile for Android Fails to Meet Consumer Standards

Microsoft Office Mobile for Android is a limited free app that can’t do much. This has resulted in negative consumer sentiment arising from Android users.