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3D Printing in Space

For the longest amount of time, 3D printing has been a somewhat useless thing to have. Needing expensive parts, expensive initial set up, expensive materials, all so that you could print a small plastic trinket that means nothing to anyone.

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Free Wi-Fi Plans for Italy

Italian lawmakers propose a plan to place Italy in line with European broadband standards and make it simpler and cheaper for citizens to access wireless internet.


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The Top 3 Social Networks in South Africa

Like the rest of the online world, connected South Africans love social media. Here is a countdown of the three most popular social networks in South Africa.


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Apps : the Electronic World’s Way Forward

The computer has always been a host to an operating system that allows the user to run a variety of programs. With Microsoft’s continued domination of the South African market, we are accustomed to the install wizard that accompanies all MS third party apps.


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