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TECH BOSS: SUSAN WOJCICKI has highlighted a number of Tech Heroines lately and for good reason, as women have become a major part of the progress of some of the largest technology success stories since the internet explosion.

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Tech Boss: Clara Shih

Clara Shih is the co-founder and CEO of Hearsay Social, a software-as-a-service (SaaS) social media marketing management platform. She is also a board member at Starbucks.

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Tech Boss : Jack Dorsey

39 year old Jack Dorsey is one of the co-founders of micro-blogging social media site Twitter, and is also the CEO of the financial and merchant services provider, Square Inc. He is an American businessman and web developer.


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Tech Boss: Kim Reid

Kim Reid is one of the pioneers of e-commerce in South Africa, and the founder and co-CEO of, one of Africa’s biggest retail websites.


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Post Rapelang Rabana

Tech Hero: Rapelang Rabana

The temptation to idolize an international role model seems as natural as the globalization of business celebrities, who becomes more mainstream with young entrepreneurs, regularly glorified as they sell their start up for millions, rather billions of dollars. Why stray so far away when these stars can be found on our shores.


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Post Kim Dotcom

Tech Boss: Kim Dotcom

If you’ve ever streamed online content, you’re likely familiar with the “Mega” brand, which includes sites such as and The man behind these websites is Kim Dotcom.


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Post cher wang

Tech Boss: Cher Wang

We seldom hear about women in the tech industry, but they are making waves, seemingly behind the scenes. One of them is Cher Wang, a Taiwanese businesswoman and the co-founder of HTC.


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Post chris poole

Tech Boss: Christoper Poole

If you have ever seen a funny cat picture on the Internet, chances are that this man influenced it. At the age of 15, “moot” started a website called 4chan as a central location for people to exchange some anime. Little did he know that it would mutate into what it has today.


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Post rupert bryant

Tech Boss: Rupert Bryant

Twenty-eight year old Rupert Bryant is the co-founder of Web Africa, one of South Africa’s leading Internet Service Providers, and just founded his new business Accommodation Direct.


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Post karen-article

TECH BOSS: Karen Walker

Working for an international multibillion dollar company is at the very least, quite a taxing role. Even more so when you approach the top rungs of business, yet Karen Walker seems to have a grip on just what it takes.


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